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Dickson Dickson

Dickson dickson

Dickson was born at Tengenenge farm, hisfather Mr Chintema Bigson came from Mozambique. His mother came from Angola.

Hedid his my primary education at Horse -shoe from 1986-1992, from1993-96he finished his secondary school at St Francis school in Guruvewhenhe completed hisO’levels in 1996. He failed to proceed with his education due to economic difficulties sincehis father was a farm labourer.He also did a course in salesmanship in 1997 in Harare and failed to aquire employment despite having good passes at O’levels.

He is looking forward to having his own family and to earn a decent living in sculpting. Since elephants are on high demand, hehas abandoned some of the styles of sculptureshe used to make way back, to have more time for the Elephants.

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